White Glove Service Solutions Drive Brand Growth

Samantha Mikos

Although it may seem like a luxury option, white glove service recognition solutions offer an increased level of delivery efficiency without breaking the bank.

With dedicated visual, logistics and on-site capabilities, recognition goes beyond the scope of production. By providing and end-to-end experience for our clients and their recipients, white glove service creates recognition that is unforgettable.


Door-to-Door Delivery

It is no secret that packages can get damaged during transit. To avoid liability with package mishandling, it has become the norm for manufacturers to hire out third-party transportation logistics.

At Cristaux, our white glove services develop based on the needs of the marketplace. The idea of door-to-door delivery came to us after we received a particular request. We were asked to hand-deliver an exceptionally large, heavy, and important statue halfway across the country to guarantee a safe arrival.

For what is now a common ask, we provide door-to-door delivery services to ensure that quality is not compromised. No matter what the distance may be, we make sure to handle all recognition pieces with the utmost care and caution.


Studio Photography

With digital events on the rise, there is a pressing need to encourage participation and engagement with recognition programs and events. Whether it is an internal employee recognition program or an external awards event, the digital world is demanding more.

At Cristaux, we make what we create. Therefore, we are able to provide still photography during each stage of the manufacturing process that can elevate any program.

With our studio photography service, we can use recognition photos to promote the brand and boost participation. Live action shots of your recognition pieces being made on our shop floor or photos of the finished product in our studio will excite people and encourage engagement.



Interactive videos can show each stage of the manufacturing process in further detail. With behind-the-scenes videography, the concept of brand storytelling truly becomes a one-of-a-kind experience.

From concept to creation, personalized videos of your recognition can highlight your brand story in an enticing light. By showing what it takes to get the recognition into their hands, the emphasis on the details makes your program truly stand out.


On-site engraving

While in-person events are rare nowadays, on-site engraving is still a great solution to personalize your event experience further.

If you are hosting a small local event or and outdoor conference, this white glove service solution offers intimate experience. It provides on-site, individualized engraving for each recognition piece. By having an engraving station, our team will etch the names of each recipient as they exit the stage. This way, the recipient experiences recognition unlike any other.

Whether you are seeking to boost social media engagement, or you would like to further stimulate excitement with a recognition program, white glove service provides an unmatched level of appreciation for the finer details.


Connect with our team to discover how white glove service options can promote brand loyalty and heighten program participation.