Microsite Management Basics: Definition, Key Functions

Samantha Mikos

Your award event has ended, yet there’s still more work to do. You may be inundated with orders for awards, while rearing up to prepare for next year’s program. Frankly, some tasks are not as important as others and are far too time-consuming. Packaging and shipping awards take you away from your primary duties, and you’d be much more productive with a little help. This is where Cristaux’s proprietary microsite management comes into play.

The Cristaux International team is dedicated to supporting our clients before, during, and after their award events. Our microsite management capabilities allow us to lighten your load. You’ll be able to get back to the work that matters most, while we work hard to fulfill recipient wishes, expand your brand, and more.

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What Is a Microsite?

Built by our recognition experts, a Cristaux microsite is a website developed for your organization and corresponding recognition program. Members of the Cristaux team will run this site for you. We will fulfill orders, ship pieces to recipients, and more. Additionally, each microsite is customized to each client’s needs.

Key Functions of a Microsite

Cristaux prides itself on being a one-stop shop for recognition programs. Under one roof, we design, produce, and ship awards, gifts, and trophies. Our many solutions can be featured on your microsite.

Direct Recipient Order Fulfillment

After your event has ended, recipients may want to order additional awards or trophies. Through your dedicated microsite, honorees can easily order these pieces. We will manage each order, so you don’t have to. We communicate directly with each recipient to ensure their order details and fulfillment. Additionally, we use thorough and trustworthy cyber security to protect all transactions within your microsite so that your recipients can place orders without worry.

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Order Management

As more orders come in, we will manage all of them. From proofing the personalization to manufacturing the pieces, our team will deliver on your behalf. Microsites simplify order processing so that you can focus on growing other aspects of your business.

Once someone has placed an order through your microsite, we will coordinate with them and share tracking information for their shipment. Through every step of a customer’s journey, we prioritize clarity and support. We want every one of your recipients to feel cared for and involved in their order.


No matter where your recipients are, we will get their awards to them. Cristaux offers traditional bulk shipping and drop shipping, or split shipping. Through drop shipping, we can send recognition pieces directly to recipient addresses.

Furthermore, we can make drop shipping available through your microsite. You do not need to go through the hassle of receiving awards at your office and then shipping them to recipients from there. Now, you can trust us and breathe easy.

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By making the reorder process easy for recipients, you earn greater commissions for your organization. You can generate revenue and use your additional earnings to finance your award program and upcoming projects. Your microsite can decrease maintenance costs and increase your gains.

Additionally, we can provide you with tracking for commissions and orders. You can regularly tune into the pulse of your microsite and gauge its progress.

Inventory Management

Cristaux allows clients to store premade, unused recognition pieces in our facilities. We do this so that you have pieces ready to go at a moment’s notice. As an extension of your microsite, inventory management allows you to fulfill future orders quickly.

Additionally, inventory management works wonderfully for year-round recognition programs. You don’t have to worry about major delays or remember to restock your orders. Order fulfillment will be ongoing, so you don’t have to stress about rush orders.

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Data and Analytics

Our team understands that developing a new microsite may be a big endeavor for your organization. We are happy and able to provide you with data, analytics, and insights regarding your program. How well are commissions growing? How is the overall site performing? At any time, you can access this information because we want to empower you to develop new goals for upcoming programs, events, and projects.

Make the Most of Your Program

A customized microsite allows you to expand your recognition program beyond its event. With company branding and trusted order fulfillment, your organization will grow so that you can realize larger and innovative recognition programs for the future.

Contact Cristaux to begin developing your microsite today.