Microsites Simplify Program Order Processing

Samantha Mikos
Andre Janus

Recognition programs require long term management. Whether you are bombarded with requests for reorders or your post-event responsibilities require a lot of manual work, it may be time to switch up your process. With Cristaux’s proprietary microsites, you can simplify program order processing to maximize your return.

A microsite through Cristaux is more than a streamlined service. We offer a dedicated, private e-commerce store that is custom designed based on your creation. To better understand what that entails, we are sharing some of the major benefits that encompass the microsite solution.



1. It could be an additional revenue stream.

Instead of halting interaction with recipients after awards night, many programs choose to extend participation throughout the length of a program. Oftentimes, this entails reorders. Whether that is done manually or not can determine the weight of stress that one program manager can endure.

To manage a program with less burden, a Cristaux microsite will set you up with a dedicated portal where all recipients are able to easily purchase additional awards for other partners, shareholders or employees involved.

This way, you can earn commissions without having to deal with the maintenance cost. We have even seen programs design microsites in a way that offsets spend by using that additional revenue stream to subsidize the cost of the actual award program.

2. We handle all the backend work.

There are over a dozen ways to describe how microsites alleviate program stress, but when it comes down to it, stress will dissipate because we worry about the hard stuff, so you do not have to.

Your dedicated, private e-commerce site will run on its own. From order processing to direct, individual drop shipments, our team of experts manage all aspects of the site. We even have dedicated customer service that will troubleshoot all orders, tackling issues like errors in delivery addresses or rerouted shipments.

Additionally, we have high cyber security measures to protect all transactions. Your data is safe, fully encrypted, and all the information is confidential so that your recipients can place orders with ease.

3. It is foolproof.

Each dedicated microsite comes with a step-by-step guide to understanding the benefits and the process. We provide a detailed explanation of all the value-added components that you will have access to while also providing insight into how your recipients will utilize the site.

Each site will have clearly stated terms and conditions for a simplified approach to overall management. To top it off, we provide a branded romance card inside the packaging for all your awards that will include information on how to gain access to your program’s dedicated site.


4. There is reporting and analytic metrics.

One of the more common asks we have received with our dedicated microsites is analytics on commissions tracking and overall progress of the program.

We provide insight into the data you need. You can clearly see overall spend and operations that occur through your e-commerce site to develop out new goals for upcoming program events.

5. You control the branding.

The best part is, any microsite will seamlessly align with your company branding. This can extend beyond a simple logo or company tagline. You can control the messaging so that your audience does not feel a disconnect with company voice and branding. You set the terms, we deliver the end product.

To discover more on how the Cristaux microsite solution simplify program order processing, connect with a member of our team today.