Types of Award Supplier Partnerships

Samantha Mikos

In any aspect of life, we can accomplish more when working together. Teamwork is essential to building an organization or achieving a milestone. In the world of recognition, there are various award manufacturers who specialize in unique trades and skills. For instance, one vendor is known for crystal awards, and another concentrates on engraving. With award supplier partnerships, we can expand our capabilities beyond our imagination.

When developing Cristaux International, we knew we wanted to prioritize and grow our network of vendors and specialists. Why? With a wider net, we could bring to life more interesting and diverse creations. Our manufacturers, vendors, and partners help make our hub for modern recognition programs possible.

Award Supplier Types

Like the Avengers or the Justice League, our award vendors each have a special superpower. By playing to their strengths and specialties, they serve as experts in their fields and support us with leading craftsmanship. The different types of suppliers help us create far-reaching recognition programs.

Material Vendors

A wide array of materials is only possible with reliable vendors who span around the world. By working with domestic and international suppliers, we can offer our clients a steady supply of high-quality materials. Learn more about our core offerings below.

Beyond our traditional selection, we work with other vendors to source more unique choices like one-of-a-kind woods and marbles. Browse the following case studies for examples of unconventional materials for awards and gifts.

Discover more information on global and single source procurement.

Fabrication Specialists

From machining metal to cutting crystal, there are countless techniques used to create modern recognition pieces. Imagine a marketplace of diverse vendors. Cristaux’s roof is not big enough to house all the machinery, materials, and manpower needed to fulfil every design. By turning to our partners, we can go to one for anodizing and another for electroplating. We want to work with the best of the best and build collaborative relationships.

For example, Cristaux works with 3D molding and scanning specialists to create award statues for clients. With their help, we can achieve excellent precision. Also, working with a local supplier can help us get files and renderings to clients faster and smoother.

Visit our portfolio to get a better idea of what our vendors help us create.

Silver Nickel Metal Figure Statue Microphone Headphone Podcast Award

Personalization Experts

Based in the largest industrial park in the United States, we are grateful to have access to a powerhouse of connections. Our production team can fulfil many personalization needs in our own facilities. However, we occasionally reach out to specialists better equipped to complete unique orders. Most personalized awards are finished by using the following customization methods.

  • Sand etching
  • Digital printing
  • Laser engraving
  • Diamond-tip engraving
  • Sublimation
  • Embedment
  • 3D-printing

Ideal Award Supplier Qualities

It’s important to screen award vendors to best serve clients and end customers. By focusing on the most important characteristics, it’s easier to find the best business partners. Consider looking for the following qualities when vetting potential suppliers.

  • In business for ten or more years
  • Comfortable to work with
  • Use shared communication channels
  • Supply materials or trades needed for current or future projects
  • Provide competitive goods and services based on the market
  • Differ in location from other suppliers
  • Offer something other vendors don’t
  • Show dedication to excellence

Partnerships that Elevate Recognition

A trustworthy award supplier can take your programs and clients to the next level. It’s like adding another tool to one’s belt. Having a partner to collaborate with inspires innovation. Ultimately, collaboration elevates singular designs and the whole recognition industry.

If you would like to join our network of vendors, please complete our vendor request form.

If you are looking to create a recognition program, please contact Cristaux and share some initial information.