3D Printed Airplane Deal Toy
Case Study

3D Printed Airplane Deal Toy

Airplane Dealtoy Plane Replica 02


Representing Crew Training International (CTI), ReavesColey wanted to commemorate their client’s acquisition with a custom deal toy. Regarding the design, their team envisioned a concept that showcased CTI’s industry. The creation had to reflect their immense pride in aviation. When it comes to custom designs, the sky’s the limit!

Airplane Dealtoy Plane Replica 03


Perhaps the most exciting part of this piece is the jet replica. To achieve this, we 3D-printed and hand-painted it with great attention to detail. Next, we created a panel to feature the details of the business deal. We elevated this element by printing an image of clouds on the back. This made the design more cohesive and added to the piece’s theme.

Finally, we shipped the components separately because we wanted to ensure safe travel. We provided the client with thorough instructions and the necessary tools to adhere the elements together. In the end, we brought to life a one-of-a-kind piece.

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