Functional Wood + Crystal Milestone Award
Case Study

Functional Wood + Crystal Milestone Award

BK R360 Custom Crystal Polygon 02


The Client asked us to create recognition pieces for its members, to honor their achievements while completing programming. The R360 team imagined presenting token-like medallions to each member and being able to sort the medals within the different categories of education.

BK R360 Custom Crystal Polygon 03


To start, we structured the piece’s base to feature each category of programming. We made this component from wood so that we could easily carve slots for the medallions. To finish this element, we stained the wood for a simple and classic look.

Then, we turned our attention to the central sculpture. We fabricated this part from black and clear crystal. To make the piece stand out, we optimized the light and refection to create a dazzling event. Also, we created a space in the center to showcase the organization’s logo.

In the end, this creation proved to be a great example of functional recognition. Recipients had something to interact with and to be proud of. At the end of the day, we were able to incorporate many moving parts into one cohesive concept.

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