Sizing Recognition Pieces Big and Small

Samantha Mikos

You see a picture online of the Mona Lisa, but when you see the masterpiece in person, it’s much smaller than you imagined. At Cristaux International, we experience the same conundrum when sizing recognition pieces. It’s hard to know the real size of an award, trophy, or gift until it is in the palm of your hand.

The Cristaux team enjoys working with clients and dreaming big. Every day, we work hard to bring client visions to life, regardless of how big or small the physical piece is. With our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to achieve innovative designs across a wide range of sizes.

Creative Design Knows No Bounds

Sizing recognition pieces is an important part of each project because it adds to the recognition program’s overall vision. The size of a recognition piece carries a statement with it, whether that be for practicality, stature, or something else.

Cristaux’s team of engineers closely collaborates with each client to ensure a creative design for any project of any dimension. We utilize tools like digital rendering and rapid prototyping to illustrate how an award, trophy, or gift will look before starting production.

Once manufacturing starts, we use our state-of-the-art machinery, expertise, and high-quality materials to realize each design with great attention to detail.

Examples of Diverse Sizing

Over the past 14 years of creating recognition pieces, the Cristaux team has brought to life a wide variety of creationsFrom massive sports trophies to intricate corporate gifts, we treat each project as its own separate entity deserving of great care and respect. Below are numerous examples of large and small pieces that all carry great weight for each program.

A Giant Cupcake for a Giant Milestone

Large crystal cupcake replica

The Cupcake Vineyards team came to us to create a milestone award to celebrate an exceptional sales achievement. They wanted to recognize their business’s growth for moving more than 1,000,000 cases of wine each year. With their vision in mind, we created a giant cupcake out of crystal gel. The creation compares to the size of a bowling ball. The client was delighted and awestruck by the final award.

A Hefty Retirement Gift

Granite was celebrating the retirement of one of its employees, so its team worked with Cristaux to create a gift to match that individual’s unparalleled contributions. By fabricating this creation from crystal, we weighed in the final piece at 20 pounds. Crystal is one of our heavier materials and is often used to add weight to a recognition piece, to make it feel more substantial.

Service Awards You Can’t Miss

Big Crystal 5 Years Of Service Award Bank

The U.S. Bank team collaborated with our designers to create years of service awards that made a statement. As a result, we created a strong award that stands about 12 inches tall. Furthermore, we proudly featured the client’s company branding by utilizing the exact colors of the U.S. Bank brand. In size and style, these awards celebrated the company and its staff with great pride.

Sports Trophies Go Big

A few of our clients in the sports and online gaming industries have trusted us with their grand visions for custom trophies. Our first example of this is the award we made for Gears of WarThe client wanted the piece to exceed a height of 20 inches, so we used lightweight, 3D printed components to realize this design. In the end, we created a trophy fit for champions, standing as tall as their achievements.

We also helped create the Champions Cup for World Poker Tournament (WPT). This trophy is a true showpiece complete with personalized name plates and replicas of poker chips. The creation stands about two feet tall and is coveted by the sport’s players and audience.

Gears of War Large 3D print trophy cup

Deal Toys for Great Accomplishments

The Ritz-Carlton of San Francisco wanted to celebrate its recent restructuring of the hotel. The team envisioned a deal toy that would pay homage to the hotel’s exterior. We cut the piece’s base from white marble and shaped the award’s main panel from crystal. To feature the deal’s details, we ensured that the piece was large enough to display the vital information with elegance.

The Blackstone Group sought out Cristaux for a building replica to honor a recent business deal. Crafted out of marble and crystal, this replica is intricate and detailed. To achieve this accuracy, we sized the piece on a large scale.

Unlike the other creations discussed, the deal toy we created for Andelyn Biosciences is smaller than one would expect. Despite this, we achieved great refinement by 3D printing DNA’s double helix and digitally printing the deal’s details on crystal panels. This creation proves that not all pieces need to be big in order to make a statement.

Plaques Fit for a Gallery

Emirates commemorated a business milestone with an impressive plaque to celebrate its 100th A380 Airbus. Fashioned from walnut wood and stainless steel, this plaque measures approximately two feet wide and two feet tall. This creation proves that plaques can go above and beyond traditionally framed certificates.

Product Replicas of Various Sizes

Cristaux worked with the FiberVisions team to bring to life its employee recognition programWe used 3D printing to recreate its foundational product. With advanced technology, we were able to capture great detail in such small pieces.

On the other end of the spectrum, we created large product replicas for Kellogg’s and Pop-Tarts. To recognize top salespeople, they envisioned a golden product replica of great size. These heavy pieces come complete with golden toaster pastries.

Corporate Gifts that Pack a Punch

MGM Crystal Boxing Ring Replica

Custom corporate gifts and promotional products are oftentimes small for practicality’s sake. These gifts may be designed to be hand-held, displayed on a desk or windowsill, or made to be used as a luggage tag or champagne flute.

For one of our corporate gift projects, we created a crystal boxing ring for MGM Resorts International. These pieces were made to recognize guests from around the world, who stayed with MGM for a much-anticipated boxing match. We created a compacted version for travelers to easily take home this special memento.

Cristaux also created custom corporate gifts for BMW to celebrate customers who bought a new car. These pieces honor the company’s “M” Series branding. About one inch thick, these gifts are a small but meaningful gesture for the customers BMW cherishes.

Appreciation Cannot Be Measured

corporate gift 40 year anniversary mini statue

Sizing recognition pieces is an important part of the awards creation process. Meaningful recognition comes in all shapes and sizes, complete with intricate details and personal touches.

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