Andelyn Biosciences
Case Study

Andelyn Biosciences

As an affiliate of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Andelyn Biosciences manufactures gene therapies for clients around the world. Driven by reliability and innovation, its team develops cures for families and inspires hope for the future.

Bioscience 3D Print DNA Financial Dealtoy Tombstone 003


The client came to Cristaux to create a deal toy celebrating their new investment and partnership. To pay tribute to their work on gene therapies, they envisioned a design incorporating DNA’s double helix. With this wish in mind, we had to figure out how to bring their vision to life.

Bioscience 3D Print DNA Financial Dealtoy Tombstone 002


To create something precise and strong, we decided to 3D-print the double helix structure. Next, we used a two-step personalization process to create a shimmering effect for this centerpiece. First, we coated the piece silver. Then, we spray-painted it blue to achieve the metallic look we imagined.

To feature the helix as the focal point of the design, we centered it on a black crystal base. We also used crystal panels to frame the helix feature and detail the client’s milestones.

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