Sand Etched + Frosted Crystal
Case Study

Sand Etched + Frosted Crystal

Warburg Pincus Kirkland Ellis Skyline Deal Toy 03


To commemorate a transaction in their London office, the client wished to create a custom deal toy. For the design, we had to feature the deal’s details, the client’s brand, and the great city of London in one cohesive concept.

Warburg Pincus Kirkland Ellis Skyline Deal Toy 02


We used clear and blue crystal for a radiant and strong effect, while showcasing Warburg Pincus’s branded colors. First, the top piece was sand etched on the back to capture the London skyline. Then, we sand etched the client’s logo on the front of a blue crystal piece and filled it in with crisp white paint.

Next, we created a frosted look by frosting the back of a clear crystal piece and printing a translucent light gray on the front. To finish the piece, we digitally printed the achievement’s details on the front of the frosted piece. In the end, we expertly realized the client’s vision and collaborated with our trustworthy overseas vendors to bring these awards to life.

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