Commemorative Desktop Award with QR Code
Case Study

Commemorative Desktop Award with QR Code

Firefly Energy QR Code Paperweight 02


The Firefly team wanted to create custom deal toys to celebrate their launch and seed funding. While keeping a simple and clean design, they wanted to feature company information with the help of a QR code linked to their website. This was one of the first creations we designed incorporating a QR code, and we were excited to get started.

Firefly Energy QR Code Paperweight 03


First, we crafted a dome-shaped piece from crystal. Then, we had to figure out how to incorporate personal details, while keeping the deal toy simple. After brainstorming, we decided to use acetate. We printed the company’s logo, deal details, and the QR code for their website onto film. Next, we embedded that film in between the dome and another piece of crystal.

After polishing the piece, we had a clean yet effective deal toy. From the top, the Firefly logo was vibrant and proud. When flipped over, the piece showed the QR code, and it was protected by crystal to prevent scratching. In the end, we discovered how to elevate crystal awards with new and exciting details.

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