U.S. Bank
Case Study

U.S. Bank

Founded in 1863, U.S. Bank takes great pride in serving customers especially during times of great need. Its team aims to elevate the customer experience through digital innovation and technology.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass

Big Crystal 5 Years Of Service Award Bank 002


The client came to Cristaux in search of years of service awards. They envisioned company branded, substantial, and prestigious pieces to honor their committed employees. They made it clear to us that they didn’t want a trinket. Instead, they wanted an award that would make a statement.

Big Crystal 5 Years Of Service Award Bank 003


To incorporate the U.S. Bank brand, we featured its colors in the design. To achieve this, we etched the crystal piece and color filled certain areas with the company’s exact blue and red. We were able to do this with our Pantone Matching System that identified and replicated the colors.

Regarding the award’s structure, we maintained a flat front to proudly display personalization for each honoree. Then, we shaped and beveled the back. As a result, light would bend through the piece at many different angles, creating a mesmerizing effect.

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