9 Award Presentation Box Ideas and Examples

Samantha Mikos

An award presentation box is the cherry on top for recognition programs. It’s the finishing touch for refined and excellent awards and gifts. From artistry to functionality, every detail should be considered to fabricate the perfect presentation box for a unique program. With ideas and guidance from Cristaux, any organization can learn the importance and details of custom gift boxes.

Lapel Pin Gift Award

What’s the importance of a presentation box?

A presentation box is important because it offers valuable benefits for recognition programs. When expertly designed and fabricated, gift boxes can elevate and support diverse occasions. Consider the following advantages for your organization.

  • Build brand awareness
  • Develop cohesive awards and gifts
  • Associate the company with meaningful recognition
  • Improve award protection while shipping and avoid breakage during transit
  • Create a prestigious feeling for award recipients

9 award presentation box ideas and examples

Custom presentation boxes often finish the final touches for awards. With creative and cost-effective ideas, programs can level up the look and feel of their creations. In addition to the proceeding ideas, consider browsing our portfolio for more inspiration.

1. Branded personalization

Every part of a recognition program is a chance to contribute to branding. Company branded concepts help organizations stand out and come alive in the details. For gift boxes, vendors can use foil-stamping to decorate every top with a golden or silver logo.

With different tools and techniques, manufacturers can use screen-printing to adorn each box with a replica of a company’s logo. By cloning the exact colors used, vendors can achieve perfection for their clients. Depending on the material of the box, a company’s logo can be engraved into the top for a prestigious and refined look.

Find out how we used foil-stamping for iRobot‘s program.

Viceroy LosCabos Nest Packaging Corporate Gift

2. Custom-fit foam inserts

To ensure awards and gifts are safe and snug in their presentation boxes, vendors like Cristaux use die cut foam.  The fabrication technique allows manufacturers to cut one-of-a-kind shapes into foam. Programs could even create plaque presentation boxes with die cut foam. After being shaped, the foam is placed inside presentation boxes. Additionally, the foam inserts can be covered with premium linings to quickly achieve high-quality effects.

3. Elegant linings

Opening a gift box is perhaps the most exciting moment because recipients are excited to reveal what’s inside. A custom presentation box can feature luxurious linings made from satin and velvet. For instance, we used blue velvet for BizBash‘s custom medal presentation boxes. Additionally, the linings can be different colors to follow brand guidelines. Small details like these truly uplift custom awards and gifts.

4. Diverse colors

Standard award boxes are typically black. However, one-of-a-kind boxes can reflect more unique hues like white, blue, and red. Also, a recognition program can create multiple boxes of different colors to feature distinct achievements and awards. With the rainbow to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Discover how we brought TCW‘s branded blue to life for their program.

Metal 50 cutout with personalized presentation box for a service award

5. Unique closures

It’s important to ensure gift boxes effectively open and close. With strong closures and hinges, presentation boxes can impress honorees. For example, vendors can include a magnetic closure or a latch in the box’s design. This attention to detail shows that an organization truly cares about its program and awards.

6. Special insertions and add-ons

To heighten the experience for award recipients, organizations can include one-of-a-kind insertions in presentation boxes. Each piece is a chance to feature branding, supply functional gifts, and create unique moments for honorees. Consider the following ideas for your own creations.

  • Thank-you note
  • Paper weight like the one we created for CASE
  • Shot glass
  • Key chain
  • Magnet
  • Lapel pin
  • Luggage tag
  • Champagne flutes
  • Pen
  • Lanyard

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7. High-quality materials

Award boxes are often made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) because it’s durable, cost-effective, and easy to customize. However, programs can use premium materials to upgrade their award presentation. For instance, we used wood to create custom boxes for Kia and Ferguson HVAC. Whether used to fabricate the whole piece, or to create accents, diverse materials truly help a program stand out.

Years Of Service Medallion Wood Presentation Box

8. Textured paper overlay

Recognition vendors like Cristaux can use different paper overlays to achieve unique textures and effects for presentation boxes. Applied like wallpaper, textured paper can easily achieve a high-quality appearance for recognition programs. Innovative tools like these capture the vast capabilities of modern recognition programs.

9. Medal presentation boxes

To proudly feature custom medals, presentation boxes can be designed to include a slot or kickstand. With this design hack, a box can prop up medallions. Whether on a employee’s desk or at an honoree’s home, medals can be proudly displayed with the help of uniquely engineered boxes.

View our case studies on Canon and Zendesk to see examples of medal presentation boxes.

Custom Gold Medallion Coin And Presentation Case

Elevate with award presentation boxes

From its style to its ease of use, a custom award presentation box can truly boost a recognition program. It offers shipping support, brand awareness, and more. When unique ideas come to life, a gift box can help an organization stand out in the best ways possible.

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