Promotional Products: Ideas, Benefits, Best Practices

Samantha Mikos

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Who doesn’t love a good deal or free stuff? For instance, leading retailers may offer a free gift set with a purchase over fifty dollars. Also, they could give away company swag at a convention. Promotions are great for companies and customers because organizations bring in more business, and consumers score a deal. Specifically, promotional products make savings tangible for customers. They’re like awards for being loyal or open-minded to a brand.

However, promotional products aren’t new. This marketing tactic has been around for decades, so how does a business stand out from the rest? What drives customers to one company and not another? Ultimately, a unique promotional product creates a new memory for consumers. The best concepts give people a one-of-a-kind experience that they will forever associate with a brand.

What Is a Promotional Product?

A promotional product is an item used to promote a business. It is often company branded and provides some use for customers. Common examples include stickers and compact tools. However, at Cristaux International, we like to dream big and create elevated promotional merchandise. We want to make something unforgettable.

Promotional Product Ideas

First and foremost, anything can be a promotional product, as long as it advances a company’s image. However, the best creations represent a brand in a thoughtful manner. Consider the following ideas and examples for inspiration.

Benefits of Promotional Products

Like any other promotion, promotional products offer a business many benefits. It’s a tried-and-true marketing strategy for a reason. To start, strategic promotional products can:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to a company’s stores and website
  • Increase sales
  • Create traditions for staff members and customers
  • Develop positive relationships with consumers and clients

Check out our corporate gift guide for more ideas.

Designing Promotional Products: Best Practices

Creating a promotional product from scratch can be a big undertaking. However, a few tips can help provide guidance and focus strategy and development.

  • First and foremost, prioritize company branding. To improve consumer awareness of a business, it’s essential to feature its brand. This may include recreating your logo, slogan, or company colors.
  • Second, align the promotion with a holiday or company occasion. Holidays unite shoppers and drive them to stores. Similarly, a company-specific occasion drives shoppers to one particular store or website.
  • Third, design a complementary item. Recipients will be happy to receive anything useful. However, by creating a functional award that pairs with your product or service, you extend your brand and show great strategy.

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Promote Your Brand

When used strategically, promotional products grow a business and carry great value for the organization and its customers. Hopefully, you can create something special for your next event. If you need help, then reach out to the Cristaux International team. We’re happy and eager to realize your vision.

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