Custom Ring Holder
Case Study

Custom Ring Holder

 A global jewelry designer and manufacturer was in search of a promotional product for Mother’s Day.

Crystal Metal Heart Ring Jewelry Holder 03


With Mother’s Day approaching, the client came to us with a plan to boost sales and spirits for this international holiday. They wanted a Mother’s Day promotion available at every one of their stores across the world. Any customer who made a purchase of $100 or more would receive this gift.

This was no small order – the client asked for a whopping 1.5 million pieces to fulfill this promotion worldwide.

Crystal Metal Heart Ring Jewelry Holder 02


Excited to take on this tall order, we designed an innovative, heart-shaped ring holder. Rings could be placed along the metal heart or in the crystal dish. We were proud to be a part of this project: a little something special for mothers around the world. It also reminded us to call our moms!

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