Copper Building Replica with Logo Decal
Case Study

Copper Building Replica with Logo Decal

Copper Building Replica Personalized 002


The CDA wanted to create pieces for its North American Copper in Architecture Awards. Its team envisioned a piece made entirely out of copper. To celebrate their foundational material in such a way would be difficult, but we were ready for the challengeAdditionally, they wished the piece had a unique shape that would stand out.

Copper Building Replica Personalized 003


Despite the difficulties of working with copper, we persisted in delivering their vision. We started by machining three pieces out of raw copper. We then polished each part to highlight its unique color. We fit the parts together and added textured lines. By doing so, the whole piece reflected the program’s logo. To finish, we applied a decal in the perfect color to complement the copper. 

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