Commemorative Awards: Meaning, Types, Materials

Samantha Mikos

Recognition programs add to history by creating commemorative awards and honoring deserving recipients. These pieces complement unique programs and events. With different materials and designs to choose from, organizations can create truly meaningful pieces.

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What is a commemorative award? definition

A commemorative award is a piece that is designed to honor or memorialize an achievement, event, or person. These recognition pieces hold great value in the eyes of recipients. Custom awards can help capture an organization’s story, values, and purpose.

Commemorative award types

Commemorations can take on different forms, from anniversary celebrations to award ceremonies. There are countless types of awards that can elevate unique recognition programs. Different companies and brands can create something truly meaningful to recognize others.

Award plaques

What are award plaques? Plaques are classic recognition pieces that typically come in the shape of a tablet and hang on walls. Their designs can be traditional or more modern and unconventional. Plaques act like blank canvases, flexible and easily customized for recipients.

Lincoln Motors Certificate Plaque Frame

What are plaque awards made of? Commemorative plaques are often made from materials like wood, metal, and acrylic. For instance, a timeless design can feature a wooden frame and metal name plate. Also, a modern concept might include a transparent acrylic frame or custom medallions.

How do you display award plaques? Plaques are commonly hung on walls. Additionally, award manufacturers can also add a kickstand to the design so that the piece can stand up on its own. When designing custom plaques, the possibilities are limitless.

Corporate awards

Commemorative items, gifts, and awards all are meaningful mementos for recipients. Whether creating gift items to show appreciation for employees or commemorative awards for clients, there are endless ideas. Learn more and find practical ideas on the topics below.

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Military awards

Military service awards, ribbons, and medals are popular commemorative awards. These pieces are highly prestigious and follow specific rules for wear. Awards and recognition programs like these come with such a rich history and honor the bravest people.

Statue awards

Award statues serve as the centerpiece for outstanding and historic recognition programs. With unique designs, these pieces stand out and elevate programs. Statuettes also help capture and extend company branding and images.


Commemorative medallions are unique recognition pieces. Also, custom medals can complement diverse occasions like galas and sporting events. These creations can be worn on ribbons, presented in boxes, and more.

Canon Million Dollar Club Silver Medallion

Lapel pins

Lapel pins are tokens of appreciation that can be collected and displayed together. Recipients can develop a commemorative award pin set. Although small, these pieces can be extremely meaningful and remind honorees of great achievements and moments.

Award materials

Diverse award materials bring impactful programs to life. By mixing textures and finishes, recognition vendors can create intriguing designs. The following materials can fabricate one-of-a-kind awards.

Culture champion internal award. Wood block base with laser etch personalization. Gold star on top.

Classic commemorative awards

Used to heighten recognition events and programs, commemorative awards celebrate and inspire greatness. With special concepts and craftsmanship, unique designs can bring any occasion to the next level.

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