Award Plaque Design Ideas and Examples

Samantha Mikos

Dating back to the thirteenth century, plaques have been used to celebrate accomplishments and pay tribute to history. Nowadays, these recognition pieces are constantly reinvented with innovative design concepts. Whether classic or modern, the award plaque is here to stay.

With well-designed certificate plaques, recognition programs can evolve into something special and meaningful for recipients. Dedicated recognition vendors like Cristaux show excitement for diverse ideas because we know the importance of creative and thoughtful design. Considering all the possibilities for plaques, there are so many ideas to explore.

Lincoln Motors Frame Certificate Team Award

What Is an Award Plaque?

An award plaque celebrates achievements in a convenient way. These traditional recognition pieces typically hang on a wall and offer lots of space to include personalization for recipients. Plaques can be admired on their own or as a greater collection of accolades.

Common uses for plaques include the following recognition programs.


6 Award Plaque Design Ideas

Cutting-edge designs distinguish leading recognition programs and bring a freshness to classic plaques. Design is important because it shows how a business presents itself and celebrates its people. It’s interesting to see how different programs interpret the following ideas.

1. Lighting

The use of LED lighting elevates awards with the flip of a switch. Whether used to create a special glow or to illuminate a specific element, purposeful lighting makes any plaque stand out. For example, these plaques for Ticketmaster lit up unlike any other creation. With a unique aura, they matched the prestige of the chart-topping musicians celebrated.

Ticketmaster Lightbox Plaque

2. Frameless Designs

Level up plaques by ditching a frame. This simple detail helps modernize pieces in a cost-effective way. Instead of opting for a wooden frame, make an entirely wooden plaque. This design choice shows great simplicity and refinement. Often times, less is more. In the world of recognition, the strongest designs use pure and confident concepts because the vision is easily understood.

3. Company Branding

By incorporating company branded details, an organization creates plaques that are unmistakably theirs. For instance, 3D printers can recreate logos, and exact colors can be cloned and used throughout the piece. Plaques also allow for lots of personalization, so organizations can engrave their values or inspirational quotes into their creations.

Shorty Impact Awards Acrylic Plaque

4. Transparent Concepts

For an unforgettable floating effect, you can use transparent materials like acrylic. For example, the Shorty Impact Awards program uses plaques made from clear and black acrylic. Due to the use of materials, these pieces look like they’re levitating. The clean and simple effect is striking and fitting for the special award recipients.

5. Unique Shapes

Who said all plaques needed to be rectangular? Have some fun and play with different cuts and molds. By using a unique shape, a plaque can celebrate an organization’s branding. For instance, trustworthy and innovative recognition vendors can create plaques in the shape of logos, symbols, or products.

Side Inc Acrylic House Key Chain Holder

6. Display Options

By designing plaques that can function in different ways, organizations empower recipients to use the pieces how they want to. Maybe they want to hang up the award or stand it on their desk. Either way, versatility is key. It shows great flexibility and consideration for the honorees.

Modern Monuments

Innovative plaques push limits and bring unique visions to life. To match the outstanding achievements of recipients, a plaque’s design must be inventive and thoughtful. A meaningful concept shows that an organization truly cares about celebration and appreciation. Starting with an established and strong vision, recognition programs can evolve into something legendary.

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