Waterjet Crystal Boat with Aluminum Base
Case Study

Waterjet Crystal Boat with Aluminum Base


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The Challenge

After a recent brand upgrade, Viking wanted to come up with an entirely new award that was even more modern and contemporary than previous designs. They wanted to still use crystal and metal as the main materials so that their recognition program design continues to provide the highest intrinsic feel to the pieces.


The Solution

We tested two different concepts for them. The first concept was a metal award, where our team of designers wanted to share an artistic look made purely out of metal and acid etching. In this piece, we corroded the ship out of a solid piece of aluminum. 

Still not the final version, we learned that the design needed to have that crystal element that previous designs had. It needed that luxurious feel, so with the second concept, we simplified it a bit. The top ship was made out of crystal, through a waterjet process, but we decided to make the base out of solid, thick aluminum. We then high polished the pieces to keep the overall feel clean and modern.

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