One Club
Case Study

One Club

The One Club for Creativity is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and honoring the growth of global creative excellence. Its team provides the creative community with opportunities for education, development, and more.


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SDG Pencil Chromatic 04

The Challenge

In collaboration with the United Nations for the 75th anniversary, One Club partnered up with a diversity inclusion program for global goals for sustainable development. They connected with designers in Europe to create an out-of-the-box design where the global goals were the main focal point.

SDG Pencil Chromatic 03

The Solution

Since One Club is synonymous with using the pencil, we took that idea and ran with it. With a base to house the branding, we highlighted certain elements of their company. Since we couldn’t use metal, we used clear crystal and then applied iridescent film. By implementing the iridescent film, this recognition piece further enforced their branding into the design.

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