MVP Polished Metal Award
Case Study

MVP Polished Metal Award

Metal Milled Polished Mvp Award 002


The Wasserman team sought out Cristaux to create event awards. They envisioned metal awards with the letters “MVP” carved into one piece. However, this would be difficult to achieve. There is a tradeoff to working with carving machines: either you sacrifice precision or time.

Metal Milled Polished Mvp Award 003


This project required the highest degree of special manufacturing. Using Computer Numerical Control systems, we digitally programmed our machinery to make the precise cuts needed. Each award was made from one solid piece of metal.

To uphold our high standards for excellence, the machines worked over 50 hours to sculpt each award. To complete the elevated design, we polished the “MVP” letters. This way, they would stand out from the surrounding brushed nickel.

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