LED Shadowbox Plaque
Case Study

LED Shadowbox Plaque

Ticketmaster Lightbox Plaque


The client approached us, wanting plaques to celebrate ticket sales milestones. They envisioned honoring different artists and musicians with these awards. Additionally, they wanted the design to highlight the “t” in Ticketmaster, to showcase their company branding.

Ticketmaster Lightbox Plaque 03


Our creative design team conceptualized a shadow box, but this was no average plaque. We designed a transparent “t” in the front piece and LED lights inside the box. When the lights powered on, the “t” would be illuminated, and the light would create an aura around the whole plaque. Also, we used UL-certified lighting to protect our clients and their award recipients.

With our in-house capabilities, we were able to print the personal details for each piece on demand. With each new milestone, we quickly personalized and shipped the award because we believe that timely recognition is the most effective.

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