CrossFit Plaque
Case Study

CrossFit Plaque

CrossFit is a fitness program focused on productive exercise and complete nutrition. Dedicated to individual and community health, its team supports clients with diverse goals and starting points.

Crossfit Games Metal Enamel Globe Plaque 03


The CrossFit team asked us to create one-of-a-kind plaques to honor those who allowed live broadcasting of CrossFit events from their gyms. The client intended for these special gifts to be proudly displayed at each location.

Crossfit Games Metal Enamel Globe Plaque 02


We created these plaques by machining them out of aluminum and designing different levels and cut-outs. To create contrast, we polished the raised areas and filled the recessed portions with black enamel. Additionally, we personalized each gift by adding a unique star where the recipient was located on a world map. We filled the stars with crisp white enamel for a sleek concept.

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