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Cone Shaped Metal Award


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Metal Cone Screenprint Trophy Statue Cnc Milled 003


The Exhibitor team came to Cristaux, wanting to perfect their Exhibit Design Awards. Originally, they had developed an iconic cone-shaped award, but it had issues.  Over time, the recipients’ information would chip away. They had already made some initial changes to address the problem, but they were unsatisfied with their vendor. Exhibitor needed a team like ours to rework these pieces to last.

Metal Cone Screenprint Trophy Statue Cnc Milled 002


At Cristaux, we knew printed personalization would not last on a completely curved surface, so going back to the original, completely conical version was not an option.  Instead, we refined the triangular face to accommodate more room for personalization while maintaining the same material and overall shape to stay true to the award’s familiar design. We also eliminated an acrylic base and small hole that had been present in a prior version, to give a sense of weight and solidity to the award.  With these small changes, the client’s full vision was finally achieved. We modernized their recognition program and ended their past problems.

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