Marking a big deal is about more than just a single transaction. It's about what your company stands for.

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Deal Toys and Tombstones
Deal Toys & Financial Tombstones
Deal Toys and Tombstones
Deal Toys & Financial Tombstones
Deal Toys and Tombstones
Deal Toys and Tombstones
Deal Toys & Financial Tombstones

Expert Capabilities

  • Bespoke Design
  • Custom Production
  • Crystal, Metal, Wood & Glass
  • Surface Finishes
  • In-House Personalization
  • Global Productions
  • Warehousing & Fulfillment
  • Presentational Packaging
Deal Toys & Financial Tombstones
Custom Deal Toys & Financial Tombstones

Mergers, acquisitions and big deals don't happen on their own. They require dedicated professionals who negotiate every twist and turn of the process. Business pros who handle these big deals deserve more than just a sense of personal satisfaction at the end of the day. They also deserve something with which they can celebrate and remember their business acumen.

Deal toys and tombstones offer the perfect way to commemorate a big deal, merger or acquisition. Also known as Lucites and deal gifts, these mementos mark a business accomplishment.

Deal Toys & Financial Tombstones
Maybe there's an iconic product at the heart of what you do.

Stone, metal, glass, acyrlic or crystal gel can be used to craft a replica of the product that will enact as the perfect deal toy. Bright colors, custom text and other aesthetically pleasing details will ensure that your tombstone communicates exactly what it should. These gorgeous materials allow you to put your accomplishments on display in a way that's as classy as it is compelling.

For a look that evokes traditional sensibilities, consider zinc alloy, optical crystal, polyresin, or stone resin. These stunning materials can be crafted into practically any shape or design you can imagine. Thanks to their weight and manufacturing flexibility, they're perfect for deal toys that are meant to signify achievement. Each perfect cut or sparkling bevel will reflect on the success of the big deal. We can also create custom deal tombstones and toys from combinations of various materials.

Deal Toys & Financial Tombstones
We believe that it's important to praise a job well done in public, and a deal toy offers the perfect way to do just that.

Whether made from optical crystal or a dazzling zinc alloy, tombstones are designed for display in the office. They often take the form of desktop decor so they can serve a purpose while they inspire. After all, inspiration is important to business success. Whatever the inspiration behind your deal gift, we can bring it to life in our, or our partner production facilities. We use both time-tested and modern techniques to mold, shape, cut, pour and craft a wide variety of materials into deal tombstones that represent your organization perfectly. After all, making a big deal is about more than just this specific transaction. It's about what your company stands for.

Deal Toys & Financial Tombstones
We know that the finish is essential to the business deal.

It's essential to the deal tombstone as well. We've mastered a wide variety of finishing capabilities including etching, UV digital printing, anodizing, hand painting, leafing, enameling and electroplating. Each deal toy is finished with as much care as it was conceived and manufactured.

At Cristaux, we only design deal toys that capture the spirit of a big transaction. Whether you're closing a transnational merger or inking the biggest deal in your organization's history, we can produce a physical memento of your success. Our in-house designers are the top in our field, and our manufacturing facilities are staffed by only the most skilled craftsmen.

Deal Toys & Financial Tombstones

Deal Toys & Tombstones

Materials Availability and Finishes

Whether we're polishing, painting, coloring or adding gradients to the final product, we approach surface finishes thoughtfully. We plan ahead so that the finishing techniques complement the materials chosen for your piece.


  • Optic Crystal
  • Crystal Gel
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Exotic Wood
  • Acrylic & Lucite
  • Natural Stone
  • Stone Cast Resin
  • Polyresin
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Pate De Verre
  • Blown Glass


  • Hand Engraving
  • Sand Etching
  • Subsurface
  • Laser Burn
  • UV Digital Print
  • CO2 Laser
  • 3D Subsurface
  • Waterslide Decal
  • Rotary Etching
  • Acid Etching
  • Crystal Acetate
  • Lucite/Acrylic Embedment
  • Sublimation


  • Anodizing
  • Electroplating
  • Liquid Coating
  • Powder Coating
  • Surface Printing
  • Color Fill
  • PMS Painting
  • Silver Leafing
  • Gold Leafing
  • Wood Staining
  • Polished Metal
  • Two-Tone Metal
  • Satin & Brushed Metal

A la carte

  • Logistics
  • Collation
  • Fulfillment
  • Hand Delivery
  • Drop Shipping
  • White Glove Service
  • Custom Presentation Boxes
  • Microsite Development
  • Program Management
  • Program Statistics & Reporting