Wood Style Painted Metal Deal Toy
Case Study

Wood Style Painted Metal Deal Toy

Beach Hotel Wood Marble Dealtoy 03


To celebrate a recent business deal, the client asked us to create a unique deal gift. They wanted to honor the property’s use of wood and specifically envisioned incorporating a wooden arch in the design. However, our fabrication partner wasn’t comfortable with creating an arched wooden piece, so we had to think of how else we could capture the client’s vision.

Beach Hotel Wood Marble Dealtoy 02


First and foremost, we decided to craft the arched component out of metal. Then, we hand-painted a wooden effect to bring the client’s design to life. To continue the theme of the property, we hand cut a white marble base to match the resort. Next, we created a window with a beachy background by embedding a printed film in between pieces of clear crystal. Last, we etched and colored the deal’s details into the front for a cohesive and authentic piece for the client.

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