White Marble Printed Crystal Deal Toy
Case Study

White Marble Printed Crystal Deal Toy

Perry Lane Dealtoy Black Stone Base 02


To celebrate a recent business deal, Perry Lane Hotel’s team wanted to create a deal toy inspired by their property. Specifically, they envisioned an award that would look and function like a window. Also, they wanted to use black marble and crystal to reflect the materials of their hotel.

Perry Lane Dealtoy Black Stone Base 03


First, we obtained and personalized a black marble base, to feature the deal’s details. Second, we had to figure out how to make a window out of the chosen materials. After experimenting, we decided to print a white marble pattern onto a clear piece of crystal, to create the shape of a window frame. Despite the effortless appearance of the finished design, the effect was very difficult to achieve. To precisely print to the edge of crystal is easier said than done, but our team was determined and pulled it off.

Ultimately, the client was extremely pleased with our work. They appreciated our attention to detail and the lengths we went to to source the same materials as their property.

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