Sego Awards
Case Study

Sego Awards

The Sego Awards program is Utah’s first recognition program for female entrepreneurs. The goal of this program is to bring visibility to female founders and CEOs across the state.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass


Event Awards


The Challenge

The challenge was to come up with a creative custom award that was heavily tied in with Sego’s branding. It had to stand out amongst a wide array of other custom awards. The recognition design concept was of high importance because it was for a brand new program that had not previously existed.


The Solution

For the final design, we played with the Sego logo in a variety of ways. Ultimately, we decided to make the base out of white crystal. We then digitally print their logo to the top of the base. Next, we machined clear crystal in the exact shape of their logo and glued it atop of that base. The effect was mesmerizing and without a doubt not your typical custom crystal award!

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