Gold Plated Superman Style Statue
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Gold Plated Superman Style Statue


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Ad Exchanger Golden Super Hero Gold Statue 02


The client asked us to recreate a Superman-esque statue for their awards program. To do this and to uphold our standards of excellence, we had to figure out how we were going to collaborate with our vendors overseas. Due to how long modeling took, we knew this program would require some sophisticated and persistent teamwork.

Ad Exchanger Golden Super Hero Gold Statue 03


To make the statue, we had this element hand-sculpted from clay. However, we had to closely coordinate with our vendor to ensure that they captured the client’s vision. The factory would send photos of the creation to us. Then, we’d compare those to the images the client wanted, and we continued this until we achieved perfection.

Then, we were ready and confident to create the mold for these awards. From there, we plated the statues in gold and paired them with a black base for a sleek and elegant finish. Ultimately, our team and vendor relationships made this creation possible.

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