Crystal Branded Dice Employee Award
Case Study

Crystal Branded Dice Employee Award

CIR Crystal Dice Replica 03


The client wanted to celebrate his retirement by giving custom gifts to his team members. Through his career, he embraced the power of considering different perspectives, so he wished to incorporate this idea into the design.

CIR Crystal Dice Replica 02


We created a six-sided die out of clear crystal to reflect the importance of perspective. This desk-piece memento featured CIR branding by using the company colors and showcasing the logo on one side of the die. Additionally, we made the pieces in two sizes. The smaller option was given to employees, and the larger choice was for members of the management team, board of directors, shareholders, and more.

Last, we created custom presentation boxes and black velvet bags to hold the gifts. This elevated the experience for recipients and helped give the client a fulfilling and proper send-off.

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