Brand Centric Medallion
Case Study

Brand Centric Medallion


The Challenge

Working to build enduring relationships with businesses and individuals in the communities they serve, PCB places great importance on recognizing its partnerships to differentiate themselves from the competition. In advance of a quickly upcoming event, the leadership at the institution sought a one-of-a-kind memento to uniquely honor the participants.


The Solution

With less than 30 days to design, manufacture and personalize a custom recognition product, the Cristaux design and production teams kicked off their collaboration swiftly. Designers quickly concepted a production-ready design and production got to work on the mold. Working tirelessly, in less than 48 hours the team accomplished tasks which can take up to 20-30 days under normal circumstances. Reflecting the well-known and admired institution, the Cristaux team created a brand centric medallion with PCB’s familiar elements. With great attention to urgency throughout, the Cristaux team’s detail oriented processes resulted in delivery of the final product an amazing 2 days before deadline.

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