Case Study

X Dance

A unique client in that they were created awards for their action sports film festival in Utah. They had a growing fan base and was looking for more exposure, but every time their award show would come up, the awards were always the last thing on their minds.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass


Event Awards


The Challenge

The award was never top of mind – sometimes they would order through a trophy shop, other times material was sourced from someone’s garage. There was never  consistency or a way to duplicate the product if a recipient wanted to order more. Although the structure was a mess, this scaled to a larger program, and with that, a need for high quality awards.


The Solution

The result was an award that had the grit of a sports award but with class and prestige. Cristaux recreated the iconic letter X in their logo with two different colors of crystal. With personalization applied, we achieved that film festival appeal. The custom packaging introduced their branded colors while the interior was lined with satin for a really custom, high-end appeal.

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