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Waterjet Metal Logo Cut Award


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Excel Awards Metal X Cutout 02


After working with three separate partners to create one award, the client came to us. They wanted to simplify the creation process and streamline their recognition program. We were eager to prove ourselves with solutions custom-made for them. Additionally, the client envisioned an industrial yet creative design.

Excel Awards Metal X Cutout 03


First, we created cutouts in one-inch-thick pieces of metal with our waterjet machine. Then, we anodized them gold, or treated them with chemicals to color them. Last, we digitally printed personal details onto each piece in crisp white ink.

In addition to the sleek concept, our program management really impressed the client and drives our partnership today. We helped them develop into a multi-year program but discovered slight differences in hues when printing new awards each year. As the program grew, we were able to achieve more consistent colors with larger production runs and isolated batches. Through our hard work, we showed our commitment to excellence and consistency.

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