Case Study


Headquartered in New York, Vuzix is a technology firm and supplier of wearable display technology, virtual reality devices, and more.

IRTH Vuzix Tech Crystal Dealtoy 03


The Vuzix team collaborated with us to create one-of-a-kind deal gifts honoring a business milestone. For the design, the client wanted to feature Vuzix products and branding, while celebrating their business partners.

IRTH Vuzix Tech Crystal Dealtoy 02


To start, we used clear crystal to fabricate the entire piece. We then used an acetate treatment to embed the company’s red color and images of Vuzix’s smart glasses. For this process, we printed the pictures and color onto a film that was then placed in between two pieces of clear crystal. Last, we digitally printed personalization on the clear panel for precise finishing touches.

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