Crystal Siberian Tiger Replica
Case Study

Crystal Siberian Tiger Replica

Cristaux Crystal Tiger Wood Presentation Box 002


We love to work with unique ideas, so when the Ferguson team told us they wanted to feature a Siberian tiger climbing a mountain, we were thrilled to work together! Having previously worked with four separate vendors, this recognition team needed an easier and less stressful experience overall.

Wanting to create a custom piece that highlighted their Bob Wells Sales Leadership Award, this program honors employees who showed an outstanding sales performance.

Cristaux Crystal Tiger Wood Presentation Box 001


To bring their vision to life, we shaped a tiger out of crystal and sandblasted stripes for a high-quality design. We then fastened that to another piece of crystal to represent the mountain.

To complete the finishing touches, we added a base of unfinished stone and created a custom box out of zebrawoodThe whole zoo was a part of this award! Most importantly, we worked hard to solve their past headaches. We proved ourselves to be a trusted vendor who could deliver everything they needed.

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