Corporate Gifts with Branding: Benefits, Ideas, Best Practices

Samantha Mikos

Building positive relationships is essential to the growth of a business. One person cannot do it all on their own. One way to bolster relationships is to give corporate gifts with branding. While recognizing those who support your organization, these pieces stand for appreciation, commitment, and more. With strong ideas and actionable tips, anyone can design corporate gifts that grow their organization, brand, and success.

What Are Branded Gifts?

Branded gifts are mementos that feature a company’s brand. They are given in a professional setting, and common recipients include employees, clients, volunteers, and stakeholders. Often, who the gift is for helps decide what the gift will be, so a corporate gift guide could assist in coming up with ideas. Examples include barware, office accessories, and custom awards.

Corporate promotion crystal paperweight gift in presentation box

Benefits of Corporate Gifts Branded

Many people enjoy giving gifts because the act shows love and appreciation. Similarly, company branded gifts also have benefits. This recognition effort will help grow a business and its people. Consider how the following perks could help your organization.

  • Grow brand awareness
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Improve company culture
  • Inspire achievement and growth

Corporate Gifts and Branding Ideas

Whether creating corporate gifts for employees or for another group, it’s essential to feature your brand. Otherwise, it’s a missed opportunity for brand growth. The following ideas will help spark innovation and creativity.

Team award commemorate a project metal plate with logo

Logo Recreation

An organization’s logo is its trademark, so it’s important to feature it with pride. With a wide array of materials and techniques to use, companies can recreate their logos in refreshing ways. For instance, modern technology like 3D-printing and laser engraving can perfectly replicate a logo as a paperweight or wine stopper.

Company Colors

The Pantone Matching System allows recognition vendors to clone colors, so there’s no color that can’t be included in a design. When creating corporate gifts, using company colors offers a subtle nod to a business’s brand. For instance, personalization and materials can be colored to match branding guidelines. From blue lapel pins to red tumblers, anything can be achieved.

Browse our portfolio of company branded creations for more inspiration.

Values, Mission, and Vision

A company’s story helps form its character and personality. Motivational elements like values represent a brand in a personal and meaningful way. Imagine etching your mission statement into plaques or photo frames for clients. To find examples, check out these custom awards for AOL and Activision.

Metal A Core Vaiues Acid Etch Crystal Base 001

Branded Packaging

Branded packaging is a powerful tool that helps create an immersive experience for gift recipients. Sometimes, opening a gift is just as important as the memento itself. From branded shipping materials to custom insertions, packaging can make a gift truly memorable. Consider the following ideas to elevate your gifts.

  • Custom presentation box
  • Company swag items
  • Branded thank-you notes

Corporate Gifting Best Practices

When designing corporate gifts with branding, it’s important to remember a few tips. These reminders will help keep a clear vision for recognition pieces.

  • Think strategically when branding. It’s not a good idea to slap on a sticker and call it a day. Instead, ask yourself how you can show your brand in unique ways. Less is more, so consider how you can use subtlety to your advantage.
  • Keep it professional. Due to the corporate context, corporate gifting has its limitations. Be knowledgeable and upstanding. Collaborate with others to find out what you should and should not do.
  • Make it personal. Thank-you notes are a must to include for thoughtful gifts. Also, it helps to choose something that will be useful and customized for the recipient.

Elevate Corporate Gifts with Branding

An organization’s brand is its stamp of approval. By working on corporate relationships, a company can grow and support its people. Recognition in the form of gifts is always valued and is a powerful display of appreciation.

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