Healthcare Industry

The medical industry is one of the most diverse and fast changing in the world, but the promotional items and recognition awards you see in medical offices are often a poor reflection of that. From awards of questionable quality to ugly promotional items, you’ve probably seen it all. We've seen these unimpressive products too, and we know they don’t really capture the gravity of the industry. Here at Cristaux International, we never settle for okay. Our healthcare clients are the best in their industries, and everything we create for them is designed to represent exactly that.

Many companies say that they can make custom medical awards, but they never let the clients in on the creative process. We're different. We believe in a transparent design and production process because integrity is everything in the medical field and in our line of business too. Collaborating with clients to create eye-catching, meaningful custom medical recognition awards, lapel pins and more is just what we do here at Cristaux.

If you're looking for the best in custom medical awards to recognize the doctors, nurses and office staff who keep your healthcare facility going, we'd love to work with you. As designers, we're passionate about making awards that are as meaningful as they are beautiful. After all, understanding what you want to recognize is at the core of what we do. We offer an array of design, production and finishing capabilities to ensure that your award makes a stunning impression whether you're recognizing a seasoned surgeon or new therapist.

If you've been looking for custom medical promotional items, finding attractive, high-quality options might feel impossible. Have you been inundated by too many chintzy products? It's time to come to Cristaux. Whether you want a classic promotional item or something more unique, we can do it. When you give one of these items to a patient or medical professional, you're making a statement about your own facility or practice. Our manufacturing expertise ensures that it's always a statement of excellence.

Leaving behind a positive, professional impression is crucial in the medical field. In a profession with a lot of formalities, a lapel pin can speak volumes. Whether it's sported by an RN or a family physician, the right pin communicates competence and instills confidence. That's why we create custom medical lapel pins that are striking, clean and clear. Our molding, casting, stamping and enameling capabilities mean that we can create lapel pins that are a vivid, eye-catching representation of what you do.

Getting it right in the medical field can mean the difference between life and death. Here at Cristaux International, we understand that medical professionals demand the best in everything they do. We're here to partner with you to create custom medical awards, promotional items and lapel pins that are infused with passion and professionalism. You don't settle when it comes to your practice, and you shouldn't settle when it comes to awards and custom products either.