Advertising Industry

Any advertising professional worth his salt can recite a litany of poorly planned, poorly executed ad campaigns. From bad concepts to bad art to bad placement, these ads made a strong impression. Now think of the awards and promotional items you've seen floating around ad agencies. Is it possible that some of those things didn't make the right impression either? We know that your answer is yes because we've seen those products too. Whether they're amateur or just plain cheap, they threaten to do damage to your agency that can be hard to address.

After all, who really trusts an ad agency that can't even get its own brand right? We wouldn't. At Cristaux, we don't make products that leave a bad taste in your mouth either. Instead, we've made our name on creating outstanding designs that meet the highest aesthetic and quality standards. For us, it's okay means that it's just not good enough. Everything that leaves our manufacturing facilities must be just perfect. Other award companies might not set the bar that high, but we believe it's the only path to success.

It's especially important to hold yourself to high standards when you're honoring achievement. It's essential to let key organization and industry members know how much they're valued, and that's what our custom awards are designed to accomplish. Our team is interested in more than just creating a pretty profile when designing an award. We're interested in the spirit of what you're recognizing. We're interested in what you need to communicate as an agency. Getting at the heart of what you do is key to making the right award.

Of course, the materials used to bring a design to life are just as important as the design itself. All too many times, award companies have to tell clients no because they aren't able to craft the right item. You might have been asked to compromise on award design ideas before, but you'll never have to do that when you work with Cristaux. Why? We're masters of dozens of design, manufacturing and finishing techniques. Whatever look you have in mind, we can accomplish it. We let you in on what's happening during the process, too, so that you're absolutely confident that the award we're making says what you want it to say.

That staunch dedication to getting your message right carries over to our work in promotional products too. If you dread ordering promotional items because you think they're not aesthetically pleasing or compelling, come to us. We don't have another production facility where we create cheap promotional items. Every promo item that we create for your advertising agency is the product of the same intentional design process that we use for awards and display pieces. After all, design matters in advertising in a way it doesn't anywhere else.

At Cristaux, we love working with advertising clients because they bring design challenges that we don't see everyday. Whatever your custom award or promotional product needs, bring it to us. As your design partner, we're invested in your overall success as much as we are in your account.