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Xaxis transforms digital media into business outcomes. They maximize the ROI of clients’ digital media investments by combining purpose-built AI, advanced cross-channel solutions, and dedicated programmatic expertise to develop and optimize to success metrics that connect directly to their business goals. Founded in 2011, Xaxis is GroupM’s advanced programmatic media arm, delivering outcomes for more than 3,000 brands in 48 markets around the world.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass

Code Name



The Challenge

Wanting to create a sales awards program, this idea boomed into something much larger. What started off as a domestic program eventually scaled to international recognition. This client wished to have a design that would resonate with their iconic brand while creating something that aligns with their contemporary beliefs.


The Solution

Cristaux crafted a custom design by using a waterjet machine to cut the Xaxis logos. This was all done through a pristine block of crystal with a PMS matched colorfill decoration to include their specific branded colors.

This large trophy was 14 inches and weighed close to 25 pounds. They enjoyed this minimalist approach and decided to create replicas that were about 7 inches.

The larger pieces were awarded at the physical award show while the smaller pieces were drop shipped, a more economical approach. The recipients do not have to travel with the award in their luggage, avoiding any opportunity for breakage.  It is because of this that Cristaux was proudly held accountable for safe delivery and handling, and if there were a need for replacement, it would be done so within 48 hours.

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