Pinecrest Capital Partners
Case Study

Pinecrest Capital Partners

Based in Dallas, Texas, Pinecrest Capital Partners provides its clients with expertise in investment banking, corporate finance, and more.

Pinecrest Dealtoy 3D Print Giraffe 02


After seeing our custom deal toy design for Strauss Brands, the client reached out to us to recreate a similar concept. To celebrate an acquisition, they wanted to showcase Circle of Care’s branding and mission to provide therapy services for children.

Pinecrest Dealtoy 3D Print Giraffe 03


First, we used clear crystal to create the base and panel of the design because it is a strong and brilliant material. To capture the brand’s playfulness, we added a layer of AstroTurf and 3D-printed a giraffe. We were able to bring their image to life while honoring those who worked hard for this business milestone.

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