DoubleTree Suites Times Square
Case Study

DoubleTree Suites Times Square

Managed by Hilton Worldwide, DoubleTree suites are American hotels offering guests full-service amenities.

Financial Dealtoy Award Crystal Double Tree Times Square 02


To honor a business deal, the client envisioned crystal deal gifts. For the design, they wished to showcase the billboards that sat underneath their building in New York City.

Financial Dealtoy Award Crystal Double Tree Times Square 03


To fulfil the client’s vision, we executively used black and clear crystal. After trying to digitally print personalization, we decided to use an acetate embedment for a finish of higher quality. We inserted the photos of billboards between two clear panels and crafted a black base.

Due to the delicate design, we shipped the pieces unattached and with glue to assemble the components on site. In the end, we fabricated a unique deal toy that proudly represented the client.

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