Case Study


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Custom Awards



Code Name

Employee of the Month Program


The Challenge

Focusing on DMA’s brand standards, to design and manufacture an award that can be used on an ongoing basis to award employees of the month. With the monthly addition of a new recipient to the growing program, the names of each recipient needed to be interchangeable and removable so when updated monthly – the award could seamlessly be customized.


The Solution

Ensuring a “fashionable” and “functional” object of recognition, the Cristaux team imagined a form using a CNC machine to machine brush aluminum, complemented by DMA brand-centric maroon acrylic. Allowing for personalization, the acrylic bar, situated at the right panel of the award is removable, with the ability to updated names with ease. With added flexibility, the award can be leveraged for a variety of occasions outside the scope of the featured employee of the month honor.

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