16 Recognition Program Questions Answered

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When putting together your recognition program, you want to make sure everything is perfect. You may ask lots of recognition program questions, and the Cristaux International team will be happy to answer all of them. We take great pride in providing our clients with excellent creations and service because we believe in the unparalleled and positive impact of appreciation.

The topics below are our clients’ most frequently asked questionsWe’ll support your program and team by empowering you to execute exquisite recognition programs.

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Recognition Program Questions on Creations

1. What is the difference between custom and stock pieces?

Custom awards and gifts follow an extensive creation processWe’ll collaborate with you to create something highly customized and unique to your brand. Typically, custom designs are used for long-term programs because of the large investment in time and effort. Custom work may include special material procurement, creating custom molds, and applying unique personalization effects.

Stock recognition pieces are readily available and can be personalized for company brands and recipients. However, stock designs cannot be changed. You can customize your pieces by incorporating company branding and additional elements or add-ons. Browse our stock collection to see what’s possible.

Stock Crystal Safety Cone

2. What is the difference between custom and stock personalization?

Custom personalization explores the creative side in more depth than stock personalization. This allows company branded elements to be displayed in a design-centric way. Custom capabilities encompass anything from unique shapes and designs to custom molds.

Stock personalization typically uses one method of decoration to display traditional information. This tends to include a company logo, text, recipient name, program name, and the year in which the honor is presented. Stock pieces usually gear toward a lower budget but allow for some personalization details and can include simple engraving for each recipient.

If your budget qualifies, stock pieces can include additional personal touches like custom logo recreation and matching your brand’s exact colors. The larger the budget, the more options you will have when it comes to personalization, whether you’re working with stock or custom pieces.

3. Does my program qualify for custom work?

Custom work takes many aspects into consideration. The budget for custom projects generally starts at $10,000 because custom work involves more hands-on collaboration, sourcing specific materials, using advanced technologies, and more. If you are looking for custom work below this threshold, our sales team will be happy to collaborate with you to find a budget-friendly alternative. For instance, we can elevate highly personalized stock awards for your program and still respect your budget.

4. Does Cristaux make single-order customized gifts?

Cristaux only offers orders of single pieces from our stock collection because of the cost to create custom work. Custom solutions include extensive design services, acquiring materials, and more, making it not cost-effective to produce one piece. However, you can invest more into personalizing a stock piece for your special recipient.

5. What materials does Cristaux work with?

Cristaux works with a wide variety of materials including crystal, glass, acrylic, wood, metal, alloys, stone, resin, and more. We have a global network of suppliers who will support us in sourcing the perfect material for your recognition program.

6. How can I find examples to share with my account manager?

You can find examples of custom designs in our portfolio of case studies. You can view pieces from specific industries, materials, types of creations, and types of recognition programs. For example, you can browse metal deal toys or employee recognition pieces for corporations. Also, you can read articles from our blog for inspiration, ideas, and design tips.

Recognition Program Questions on Solutions and Processing

7. What is an art proof?

An art proof is a digital and visual rendering of the creative design for your recognition program. We share this file with you so that you can approve the final design before your program moves to production. Cristaux’s creative engineers use the software called PandaDoc. When you open the digital file to review the proof, you can directly chat with our designers on the screen and raise any questions or concerns.

8. What is rapid prototyping?

Rapid prototyping takes an art proof to the next level. This solution provides you with a tangible sample of your design concept. You have the chance to physically interact with your piece before starting production. Alongside our design experts, you can evaluate and modify the design if needed.

It’s important to note that the weight and material of the prototype may not exactly mirror your design because we use cost-effective and often lighter materials, when crafting prototypes. Rapid prototyping is a purely aesthetic solution for you to see your design come to life.

9. What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a process used to create intricate designs and elements. Whatever vision you dream of, 3D printing can execute it. Even the finest details will be achieved. If you’re concerned your vision is too complex, you can now breathe easy.

A digital file of your piece’s design will be sent to our 3D printing machine. Then, the machine prints thin layers of material to ultimately craft a complete replica. These components may be painted with further details or electroplated in metal. Also, these pieces are often paired with other materials to elevate the final effect.

10. What details do I need to provide to receive a quote?

To receive a quote for your project, you will need to provide the following details.

  • In-hands date: when your pieces need to be in your hands
  • Quantity of pieces needed
  • Creation type. What type of recognition are you requesting? Different types include deal toys, building replicas, and more. Browse our creations for guidance.
  • Personalization: details and features you’d like to include
  • Material or materials you’d like to use
  • Shipping details. How often will you ship these pieces? Is their destination domestic or international?
  • Fulfillment. Do you want to ship bulk or individual shipments? What special instructions do you have? Do you have insertions or other items to include?

11. How long will it take to receive a quote?

The time in which you receive a quote depends on factors like the design’s complexity and required delivery date. You may receive a quote between one and seven days.

12. How do I set up a meeting with a sales manager?

You can set up a meeting with a member of our team by connecting with us via our contact page, or you can schedule a virtual showroom appointment. Our virtual showroom is a personal and digital conference for you to learn more about Cristaux creations and to talk with our team without visiting our facility.

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Recognition Program Questions on Shipping

13. What if I need insertions and extra goodies to ship with the awards?

Once you start your project with Cristaux, you can connect with your customer service representative to discuss our A La Carte services. We offer simple printing services to create a personalized insertion for your pieces. You can also add company branded swag like Yeti mugs and champagne flutes. We’re eager to support you in creating a unique and detailed experience for your recipients.

14. How does drop shipping work?

Drop shipping, or split shipping, allows you to send your recognition pieces to as many addresses as you’d like. This solution is becoming more popular with the growing prevalence of remote workforces and award events. Remote recognition can still bring lots of excitement. Recipients can enjoy their honor live or shortly afterwards, heightening their experience. Drop shipping will save you lots of time and effort, with us taking on the bulk of your shipping needs.

The Cristaux team needs complete and accurate shipping information to successfully drop ship your order. Our customer service representatives use dedicated spreadsheets and guidelines to ensure we collect the program details we need. They are happy to walk you through the process if needed.

15. How much will shipping cost? Can you provide a shipping quote?

Shipping costs depend on the order size, destination, and more. We do not provide shipping quotes for projects less than 100 pieces. However, we are happy to provide shipping dimensions.

International Drop Shipping Packaging BoxingInternational Drop Shipping Packaging Boxing

16. Can you ship internationally?

Yes. Every day, we ship to international destinations. This includes single and split shipments. We have vast experience with shipping to over 140 countries around the world. However, we do want to make note of the recent increase in shipping costs.

Cristaux Is Here to Help

Our team members are dedicated to realizing the recognition program of your dreams. From discussing our capabilities to outlining our processes, we are an open book with our clients and ready to tackle your recognition program questions. We take our promises seriously and strive to create an excellent experience for every customer of ours.

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