Why Stock Awards Might Be the Best Solution

Samantha Mikos

Hunting for the right award recognition vendor can be a tiresome journey. There are budget constraints, quality concerns and extensive limitations on creative capacity. When hands are tied with a limited budget, stock awards may be the right solution for you.

If you are currently shopping in the recognition space, it is more than likely that you have a set budget to work with. Although this may feel like a tight hold on your creative autonomy, a low budget does not necessarily mean a sacrifice in quality.

You do not have recreate the wheel to get a custom feel. With stock awards, there are elements of personalization and branding effects that will provide more options than you think. And the best part is, you don’t have to break the bank doing it.

Budget Friendly Options that Emanate Class

The process of shopping for awards can be quite strenuous. The more layers you peel back, the more you are faced with rising costs. From design or mold fees to shipping or customization costs, you just may not have room in the budget to support the design process.

Do not let the idea of budget constraints steer you away from receiving what you envision. Stock awards can provide a budget-friendly option that emanates class. By cutting back costs on the initial style of the award, you may find some freed up cash to put towards personalization effects.

At Cristaux, we treat each project with the same attention to detail and care, no matter the price point. This dedication makes buying a stock award feel more unique and custom.

Awards that Evolve with Time

Stock awards may have a reputation for basic styles, but given the full potential, they are far from it. With the help from a team of expert designers, certain elements of the award can be highlighted to give it a flare of uniqueness that goes beyond the scope of engraved names.

Think of stock awards as a blank canvas. For example, take into consideration a simple glass panel. With this cost-friendly option, we may be able to instill a splash of company-branded color that provides a deeper connection to the recipient.

Creative Medium for Brand Expression

When working with stock awards, the possibilities expand tenfold. Not only can you adjust the size and shape of the award, but you can make these adjustments as often as you’d like.

If you have an annual recognition program, consider changing the shape of the award each year. This will allow recipients to feel as if the award is personalized for their own accomplishment, feeling less neutral and impersonal.

If you want to take it as step further, you can even consider choosing an art deco style stock award that will allow you to alter the pattern depending on the recipient.

Our team of designers at Cristaux make sure each project reaches its fullest potential because we are not satisfied until you are. We care about the final result and do everything in our power to make sure it does not feel commodified.

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