Sports Awards Ideas, Designs, and Examples

Samantha Mikos

Sporting events are truly exciting. From witnessing match-winning goals to rooting on an underdog, people come together and share a love of different games and teams. As the centerpiece of these occasions, sports awards are especially meaningful for fans, players, and organizations. By working with trustworthy vendors like Cristaux, programs can create one-of-a-kind trophies. With design ideas and examples, teams can elevate their recognition efforts and uplift programs.


What is a sports award?

A sports award is a recognition piece used to honor achievements in athletic competitions. Famous sports trophies include the Stanley Cup, Olympic medals, and the Heisman Trophy. Whether winning a championship or applauding an athlete’s progress, these moments are truly special and deserve to be marked with custom awards.

6 Types of Sports Awards

What are the different types of sports awards? From little league participation awards to collegiate bowl trophies, there are countless sports award categories. The following list of award types can help inspire diverse recognition programs.

1. Tournament trophies

From tennis events to professional playoffs, tournament awards can celebrate individuals, teams, managers, and more. These occasions celebrate the best of the best. Excellent creations are fit for winners and champions. With creative designs and premium materials, programs can have the best awards.

Bull Matador Golf Club Sports Trophy Wood Base

2. End-of-the-season awards

Completing a season is a milestone worthy of celebration. After all games have been played, it’s the perfect time to commemorate how much a team grew. At the end of the season, awards can honor players, stadium staff members, coaches, fans, and more.

3. Banquet awards

A sports award banquet is a high-class occasion to recognize achievements in athletics. Events like these feature personalized awards and meaningful speeches. Sports awards give people the opportunity to create special memories for attendees.

4. Leadership recognition

In the world of sports, there are many leaders worthy of appreciation. Team captains, coaches, and managers are the ideal recipients of leadership awardsThese impactful figures grow their programs and deserve to be commemorated for their efforts.

Johnnys Ice House Hockey Crystal Award

5. Player awards

Teammates and athletes show individual progress and should be applauded for their contributions and growth. Whether recognizing an MVP or the most improved player, sports awards can commemorate an array of accomplishments. By appreciating personal performance, organizations can inspire all players to do their best.

6. Merit awards

Positivity and passion are admirable traits in athletes and on teams. Merit awards honor those who show the greatest personality during competitions and in organizations. Also, these awards often celebrate fan favorites and those who help the community off the field.

Sports award design ideas

Sports leagues and teams are often steeped in tradition and rich history. Trophies can tell a decades-long story. An award’s design adds to a program’s upbringing and brand. Consider the following design ideas for your organization.


Custom medals are a classic award type for sporting events. These pieces are particularly useful for recognizing different places and rankings. Medallions can be easily differentiated with diverse ribbons, finishes, and personalization. For instance, a series of tournaments can use the same medals and uniquely colored ribbons to distinguish each event.

NPSL Soccer Medal Gold Silver Sport

Trophy cups

Sports trophy cups have been around for centuries. This classic design allows champions to easily hoist their awards. Also, the long-established award shape complements different sports including volleyball, football, and basketball. The typical materials used to fabricate a trophy cup include metal and wood.


Sports award plaques are easily personalized for unique recipients. Additionally, these pieces can be modernized with diverse shapes, materials, and details. Plaques can elevate any event or recognition program. Consider these creations for an awards banquet or retirement celebration.

Sports Award Examples

To gain design inspiration, it helps to see different examples of sports awards. From golf gifts to gym plaques, there are countless ideas and ways to elevate sporting experiences. Consider the following award examples.

Browse our portfolio of creations for more design ideas.

Silver Football Trophy With Crystal Panels And Wood Base

Inspire and celebrate champions

Sports awards honor the greatest athletes, teams, and more. Historic awards mean so much to fans and organizations. Every team has a community behind it, and those people share such amazing memories. With unique ideas and designs, a program can stand out and create something special for its people.

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