ESports Trophies: Unique Design Ideas

Samantha Mikos

Although it may seem like esports have gained popularity in recent years, these tournaments have been around since the 1980s. Nowadays, this industry is booming, with gaming celebrities and awards growing more popular. Given the details that go into modern video game design, we expect esports trophies to be just as breathtaking. As the centerpiece for crowning ceremonies, tournament trophies need to match the prestige of their events and champions.

To attract a passionate audience, designs for esports trophies need to be iconic yet effortless. They need to match the hype of the competitors and the crowd. At Cristaux International, we’ve collaborated with brands to bring to life cutting-edge concepts for tournaments and other events. Every day, we celebrate innovative and fierce design.

Why Design Is Important

So much hard work goes into cultivating the brand of a video game or developing the culture and fanbase for a specific tournament. Given that dedication, the same energy should translate into an award’s design. Otherwise, the trophy will fall flat and fail to inspire recipients, winners, and audience members.

In the esports industry, innovative and creative design is a must. To match cutting-edge technologies, trophy concepts need to stand out to be considered prestigious and special by fans and company staff. A thoughtless design fails a brand and its people.

Esports Trophies Design Ideas

Creating a unique award is easier said than done. What makes a gaming trophy one-of-a-kind? How can an idea be made into a tangible piece? To start the creation process, it’s important to brainstorm and to dream of a visionary design. Consider the ideas below for your program.

Mixed Media

One way to make sure a trophy stands out is by using unconventional materials. The willingness to reinvent something shows great bravery and confidence in design. For instance, incorporating unique elements like LED lights instantly impresses an audience and gives them something to remember.

Get design inspiration from these stuning awards for AT&T‘s esports competition.

Acrylic Lucite Metal Led Light Triangle Gaming Award

Company Branding

Whether organizing a tournament or company event, it’s essential to create awards that feature the program’s brand. Otherwise, it’s a missed opportunity to increase brand awareness. Also, celebrate a hard-working team by featuring their organization.

There are many different ways to highlight company branded elements, while enhancing the overall design.

  • Recreate an organization’s logo or art from a video game
  • Clone company colors and use them in the design
  • Engrave company values into recognition pieces

Find inspiration from Activision’s employee appreciation awards.

Metal A Core Vaiues Acid Etch Crystal Base 001

Supersize It

The classic tournament trophy is large and in charge. By making esports trophies grand in size, they demand everyone’s attention and inspire a competitive and thrilling atmosphere. However, it’s important to consider how an award’s height and width may impact its weight. It’s disappointing to win a prestigious tournament and then not be able to proudly hoist the trophy above one’s head.

Learn how we created a functional yet fantastic trophy for Gears of War. It’s over two feet tall!

Mix Materials

When using different materials in one design, the award reaches a new level of intrigue and excitement. Various textures come together, create a unique effect, and elevate a program. However, it’s recommended to collaborate with a recognition vendor who fully understands popular award materials. They can help figure out what is best for their client’s vision, budget, and timeline.

Discover how we use acrylic and metal to create esports awards for Tempest.

Black And Silver Award In Shape Of T Made Of Metal And Acrylic

Other Creations

One way to make a unique trophy is to not make a trophy at all. Different recognition pieces can show appreciation for those involved, while working within a program’s logistics. For example, creating custom medals for participants and behind-the-scenes team members can recognize and include everyone who made an event possible.

Browse our portfolio for more design ideas.

Designs That Dominate

Prestige cannot be earned in a day. However, a modern and unique esports trophy can capture a crowd’s attention. Whether designing with gamers or employees in mind, create something that people will want to work hard for. At the end of the day, custom awards act as an extension of an organization, so make sure to make the most of yours.

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