Why a Rebound in the Deal Toy Market is Good News

Lauren Deegan

Markets worldwide have been unpredictable in recent years. For financial professionals, looking at metrics that could indicate an overall rebound is important. While it might seem a little silly, we think that something as basic as the deal toy can provide valuable insight into where the market is going. It’s not just because we love making deal toys here at Cristaux either. It’s because deal toys represent two big things when it comes to business.

A Strong Deal Toy Market Means a Strong Financial Market

During the darkest hours of the recent financial recession, some business leaders went as far as to say that the deal toy was dead. According to them, Lucite tombstones were actually headed to the grave. These naysayers claimed that the way business worked had simply changed. They said that the new market simply couldn’t accommodate celebratory tokens such as deal toys.

Of course, not everyone believed these drastic predictions. Both financial leaders and companies that produced deal toys held hope that things would turn around. Today, it seems that this hope was well founded. Observers started to notice a rebound in the deal toy market as early as 2013. Deal gifts have continued to grow in popularity since that time.

That’s good news for more than companies such as Cristaux that design deal toys. It’s good news for the economy in general. After all, deal toys represent truly significant transactions. More deal gifts are being made now because more significant transaction are being made now too. It might not be the biggest indicator that economists look to, but an uptick in deal toy orders is good news for the market. It means that more money is changing hands and fueling the market.

Revived Interest in Deal Toys Means Revived Interest in Tradition

Some business experts say that getting away from time-honored traditions has weakened many organizations. It’s true that any company must adapt to the times, but it’s important to pay homage to business roots too. Participating in traditions is a good way to build cohesion, loyalty and pride within an organization. Much like undergoing a rite of passage, earning a deal toy for the first time is an important sign of maturation. When the deal toy market is vibrant, subsequent gifts carry similar weight for their recipients.

Business leaders who foretold the death of deal toys didn’t seem to give the drawbacks of losing these traditions much thought. At Cristaux, though, we know that recognizing achievement with a deal toy is more than just a tradition. It’s also an investment in the wellbeing of an organization’s overall culture. Taking care of the culture of business is a focal point for business leaders rebuilding after the recession, and putting money into deal toys can make sense when it comes to building a strong culture. The better a deal toy communicates an organization’s values and goals, the more value it has as an investment.

Reviving traditions within organizations might also mean reviving market health. There was a time, after all, when big deals meant a lot because of more than just the financial details. We know that the business leaders we work with still assign more than monetary importance to transactions, but it can be hard to convey that in a world obsessed with the hard-and-cold numbers. Thankfully, we specialize in that. We craft deal toys that celebrate the success of your current deal while contributing to a strong organizational culture. We’re here to design deal toys that meet your needs on every front.