7 Award Shapes and What They Symbolize

Samantha Mikos

An award’s concept is immensely important to the identity of a recognition program. Award shapes can become iconic and synonymous with achievement. For instance, the Oscars and Grammys both celebrate a rich history with their unique awards.

When developing a recognition program, it’s crucial to consider the shape of an award or gift. Details like these can capture feelings and enhance branding. The following ideas and insights can help you refine the vision for your creations.

PGA Tour Timbertech Golf Trophy

Different award shapes and meaning

Awards take on great meaning when every detail of a creative design holds purpose. By featuring what is most important to an organization, programs and their awards can inspire continued greatness. The proceeding award shapes can inspire substantial recognition.

1. Flame

A flare or flame award is perfect for celebrating trailblazers, top performers, and leaders. This shape symbolizes life and vitality. In the world of recognition, the form of a flame commemorates those who inspire others. These recipients show great passion and realize outstanding achievements.

2. Circle

An award in the shape of a circle or oval can be used to complement the outline of circular logos. Also, rounded awards can signify continuation and dedication. This silhouette can be used for service award programs and employee anniversaries. These creations reward hard work and show appreciation for others. Additionally, circular shapes also make great gifts like paperweights and custom medals.

High Times Cannabis Cup Medals

3. Square

Square and rectangular awards are often used for deal toysThis standard shape makes a great canvas for personalization. Whether engraved or printed upon, personalized awards and gifts can feature company branding, program details, and more. Also, sqaure creations are flexible for different occasions. From award events to certification programs, square awards complement diverse experiences.

4. Triangle

Triangular shapes capture the feeling of climbing mountains and achieving great feats. A creation shaped like a peak can reflect the importance of history-making moments. Milestone awards mark a company’s greatest achievements and contribute to an organization’s story. Examples of celebrations include a grand opening or 20th business anniversary.

5. Diamond

A diamond-shaped creation signifies excellence. This formation perfectly captures the distinction of leading achievers. Also, crystal awards help recreate the brilliance of a diamond. By using bevels and strategic cuts, award vendors can maximize the radiance of this refined material.

Cristaux Crystal Cross Pillar Blue Base

6. Pillar

Pillars and obelisks embody monumental moments. Reminiscent of the Parthenon and US Capital, these traditional shapes depict power, prestige, and leadership. From corporate gifts to leadership awards, these recognition pieces get the most out of a simple and sophisticated silhouette.

7. Cup

Cups make excellent sports trophiesThis historic shape is used for many well-known awards in hockey, tennis, and more. The cup symbolizes sharing and community. Whether passed between teammates or down to other champions, sporting programs work hard to uphold traditions.

Personalized award shapes

Awards come in all shapes and sizes. Beyond the more common designs, organizations can create custom awards to match their unique visions. Consider the following shape ideas to inspire award designs.

  • Wings
  • Ribbon
  • Rocket
  • Bell
  • Numbers
  • Shield
  • Arch
  • Brand mascot
  • Countries
  • Buildings

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When awards take shape

The best designs are easily manufactured and realize a unique concept. By choosing meaningful award shapes, organizations can make their recognition efforts more sincere. By collaborating with dedicated vendors like Cristaux, you can figure out which shape is best for your creations.

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