Built by Tenacity

We're Doing Something Radically Different

Every breakthrough begins with a problem solved

Our challenge presented itself to founding principal Andre Janus, whose vision and history realized the need to create an alternative to the unremarkable. Groundbreaking milestones and outstanding achievements were being acknowledged with uninspired, formulaic awards that people wouldn't even think to display or even keep.
Where were the options?

Relentless Focus

combined with entrepreneurial spirit

With an entrepreneurial spirit and relentless focus, we asked every question and turned every stone to ultimately deliver a radically different approach to capture the truly unique forms of exemplary achievement. The result is an unending stream of stand-out objects of recognition and artful awards that recipients are proud to showcase. We've never lost sight of our beginnings, and today Cristaux is making unique, custom art pieces for awards worth talking about.

Our growing pains taught us so much and formed who we are today.

Andre Janus

When "Good enough is unacceptable"

It all starts

with an idea

Founded in the belief that products created to celebrate milestones should be expertly made, meticulously designed, and built to stand the test of time - Cristaux's beginnings of bootstrapping, determination and true grit empower and inspire us to expand our vision daily.

Cristaux is proud to provide celebratory physical symbols of recognition that capture and pay homage to their lives' most meaningful accomplishments.


The beauty of designing and manufacturing meaningful pieces for every project we take on, comes with its own unique story. With every story, we learn something new and walk away stronger than ever before.

I firmly believe it takes a company a good decade to understand itself. Cristaux is the epitome of that. Our growing pains taught us so much and formed who we are today. We’re forever humbled by everything we’ve learned. Ten years into the venture, we’re finally embracing what we’re best at and what our true core is.

Andre Janus

Sculpting Tradition in its Highest Form

the latest happenings here

Combining innovation, design and latest technologies, our focus is to deliver iconic objects that demand recognition. Created to conquer challenges on six continents, Cristaux is a truly global business - with deliveries in 128 countries over the past decade.

From the first design sketches to rapid prototyping, awards are meticulously crafted for the final production. We listen to your vision, challenge it, and deconstruct it, until it reaps perfection. We understand that no vision is created equal and every story is unique.

We resent creating anything ordinary or already in existence.

To be unique, we’ve ditched the pre-made mold and have gone fully custom

We Stand For Authenticity

Inspired by form, factor and purity

Cristaux’s attitude of mixing engineering with styling, allows for strategic collaborations with corporations worldwide - each with a story to capture and a unique set of needs and values. We continuously strive to align with global industry advances but also set our own trends and high standards. Intense precision and authenticity are created.