Viceroy Gift
Case Study

Viceroy Gift

Viceroy Hotels & Resorts is a global luxury hotel brand. Its team provides guests with gracious accommodations, consistent comfort, and unique experiences.

Viceroy LosCabos 3D Print Nest Corporate Gift 03


The Viceroy team wanted to create gifts for their residents who bought properties at their Cabo resort. Regarding the piece’s design, they wished to feature the hotel’s restaurant. It was modelled after a nest, used woven wood, and was surrounded by water. Although these concepts were never chosen for this program, our team had the chance to test 3D-printed designs, custom gift boxes, and more.

Viceroy LosCabos 3D Print Nest Corporate Gift 02


To mimic the woven nature of the resturant’s architecture, we 3D-printed a nest from resin. After trial and error, we achieved a thin design complete with countless small spaces for light to shine though. From there, we electroplated the nests various colors like gold and silver.

Next, we created partially recessed bases from black acrylic. This way, the component could hold water without getting the nest wet. To complete the gifts, we experimented with different kinds of presentation boxes. We played with matte and pearl tones of white and tried adding a shot glass for recipients to easily fill their gifts with water. All in all, we enjoyed bringing different ideas to life and pushing conventions of modern recognition.

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