Travis Roofing Supply
Case Study

Travis Roofing Supply

Travis Roofing Supply provides contractors with premier products and excellent communication. It aims to lead the industry by building a talented team and advancing customer engagement.

Gold Brass Polygon Wolf 3d Print Acrylic Base 003


The client came to Cristaux, wanting to develop a monthly sales award program. Regarding the award’s design, they wished to incorporate their logo, which was a typical request for us. However, they took it a step further. They envisioned their logo of a wolf recreated as a graphic, intricate, and modern award.

Gold Brass Polygon Wolf 3d Print Acrylic Base 002


To elevate the Travis Roofing Supply logo, we began by designing a detailed and geometric wolf to be 3D-printed. This technology allowed us to create something complex and striking. We then painted the pieces with precision. To allow for sleek personalization, we added a black crystal base. We often do this for elaborate designs. This way, the personalization stands out as well as the sophisticated concept does.

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